The negative impacts on working conditions caused by the pandemic has weakened. However, it has still created long-term negative impacts on workers’ personal livings.
Both the pandemics and long-lasting structural factors also gave rise to layoffs, outstanding wages, and other labour deprivations in small-scaled companies
The economic disadvantage of female workers under the pandemic is closely related to the said structural factors.
This article aims to discuss how the new trade union movement challenges the existing labour laws.
This study reveals a significant number of firms' unlawful activities, such as illegal dismissal, wage cut, delayed wage payment and non-payment.
To understand more about the working conditions of mining workers in China, the research team undertook an online survey.
The basic labour right problems of labour contract and social insurance in Henan Province and the issue had existed before the epidemic outbreak.
Labour Action China welcomes the concluding observations on the second periodic report of China by the UN Committ
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