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Mental distress at work is popular among the workers who work in very labouring works, such as miners, but also among professionals and administrators. Mental distress at work has become a common occupational disease in our modern society.
Mental health at work is no longer a worker’s personal psychological issue, nor a matter of social support, but rather an occupational hazard, a matter of labour rights.
Without a legal occupational health safety framework that takes into account the mental health of employees, workers hardly have any legal redress should any psychological harm emerges in the workplace.
Health care workers need no accolades for doing their duty; what they truly need is the protection and care they deserve when mental or psychological harm comes their way.
Labour Action China welcomes Apple’s decision today to ban the use of benzene and n-hexane during the final assembly of iPhones and iPads.
Ban Benzene Campaign is our latest advocacy on the issue of occupational safety and health.
The Price of Benzene
Together with four other labour rights civil society organisations, Labour Action China (LAC) submitted a joint Universal Periodic Review (UPR) contribution to the United Nations H
In recent years, the number of occupational disease victims in China has risen exponentially. In 2010, new cases surged by percent which equates to a new diagnosis every 10 minutes.


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